Prayer Requests

Archive of past requests

Near-Term Requests

Date AddedRequestRequester
Oct 14, 2023Prayers for Israel and Ukraine:
** Protection for captives
** comfort for those who mourn
** that the wicked would be stopped
** that peace would return
Fr. Bartel+
Mar 24, 2024For God’s guidance in the election of the
ACNA’s next Archbishop
Fr. Bartel+
Jul 3, 2023For the Miller family mourning Libby: Scott, Brooke,
Matt, Merit, Will, Travis, and extended family
Fr. Bartel+
Mar 31, 2024For the family of David Tennant Sr. in mourning.L. Johansen
Mar 16, 2024For Anthony Silveira & family in mourning for Linda,L. Johansen
Feb 11, 2024For the family of Tiffany Lokkart, mourning her passing.
For peace and assurance of God’s love during this time.
A. Bartel
Jan 6, 2024For Medlock family in mourning.
sudden death of daughter Chloe
K. Brigham
Jan 7, 2024For Janet Flores mourning the sudden death of her sonK. Ganakis
Feb 25, 2024For rest for the soul of Joe Montgomery in the loving mercy of Jesus.
for comfort, peace, assurance for his family
G. Cox
Mar 31, 2024Strength and peace for Bonnie Raby and family
as she ails due to her great age.
T. Blythe
Mar 31, 2024Strength for Rich Peters on his pilgrimmage on El Camino de Santiago
Healing for his sciatica.
T. Blythe
For those recovering from Injuries/surgery
Aug 13, 2023Linda recovering from a car accidentK. Ganakis
Oct 7, 2023Penny P. recovering from a fall resulting
in compound ankle fracture and sprain
P. Myers
Sept 1, 2023Nancy complications in recovery from back surgeryFr. Bartel+
Feb 25, 2024Pam recovering from injuries from fallFr. Bartel+
For those with upcoming medical procedures
Mar 16, 2024Kevin Lyons needing a double lung transplantL. Johansen
For parishioners and friends who are ill


Long-Term Requests

Date AddedRequestRequester
For those suffering from Chronic illnesses
Aug 13, 2023Kirsten – various sicknesses, heart conditionK. Ganakis
Aug 27, 2023Kyle F. – compromised immune systemFr. Bartel+
For those battling cancer
Jul 23, 2023Fr. Ken GreenleeFr. Bartel+
Jul 23, 2023Fr. Richard JamesF. Levy
Aug 20, 2023Jim R.L. Johansen
Jul 23, 2023Megan – recovery from surgery to remove tumor
on esophagus and chest
S. Cox
Mar 24, 2024Elanor Dickinson – teenager with brain tumor
Her father is a priest at Chapel of the Cross, Dallas
Fr. Bartel+
For those with mental and emotional struggles
(anxiety, pstd, depression, dementia)
Aug 20, 2023Raul A. – PTSDL. Johansen
Aug 20, 2023Tina S – dementiaL. Johansen
Aug 20, 2023Marilyn and Leroy – dementia/physical frailtyFr. Bartel+
Aug 20, 2023GraceFr. Bartel+
Aug 20, 2023JohnFr. Bartel+
Mar 16, 2024Sadie struggling with mental darkness.
Comfort/strength for her family.
K. Brigham
Aug 20, 2023those on the fringes of our communityFr. Bartel+
Other requests
Oct 22, 2023for all marriage either within or outside of our parish.
for those that are struggling, that they would find help through faith / counseling
for even stronger marriages for those doing well
K. Ganakis


General Requests

Date AddedRequestRequester
For a strong relationship with the Serenity group
That their service to the community would be fruitful
Any unspoken needs or struggles of parishioners,
family members, or acquaintances
for family, friends, or acquaintances who
do not know Jesus Christ or are struggling in their faith
specifically for Josiah, Alexis, Thurman, Mel, Garry (&girlfriend), coworkers,
Family members. Those who are hurting, and struggling
to find meaning in this life.
for Land and a church Building for Christ the King
For the spiritual growth of our parish
For the numerical growth of our parish
For guidance for our parish
For our missions and missionaries throughout the world
-The Cuba missions
-Leonard Kamungu Theological College in Malawi
-Germany, Croatia
-The Buller Family & for Sekou

Fr. Bartel+



Date AddedRequestRequester
Feb 11, 24Thanks that Katherine found work
guidance for the future
Fr. K+
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