What if you could experience God in a way that was both fresh and ancient? What if you could belong to a small Church community and to 80+ million Christians around the world… and countless more throughout history? What if you were part of an Anglican church?

Many are rediscovering the rich heritage of Anglicanism. People are eager for a fresh encounter with an ancient expression of a timeless faith—are you? Many want to belong, to be a part of something bigger than themselves; they want to have a community—do you? Many want the support of a community and of the wisdom of a tradition that goes back 4000 years—do you?

Jesus said, “I will build my church…” (Mt 16.18). He’s still fulfilling that promise today. Find out how he’s using Anglicanism to do it… and how you might play a part in it.

We gather to feast and to pray, to experience the Creator of the world in the way His people have always experienced Him; we come to eat and drink and enjoy each other’s company and to delight in the God who makes Himself present with us.

Christ the King Church represents a call to anyone who desires to be historically rooted, socially involved, biblically inspired, and aesthetically rich. The call is simply this: Come create with us. Together let’s craft a parish that loves God and people, a parish that serves God and people, a parish that enjoys God and people. Let’s build an Anglican church that embodies all the best of Anglicanism in the heart of the California’s Central Coast.

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