“Community” – Everyone claims that they want it, but what does Community even mean? Maybe you are a seeker and realize that what you are doing isn’t working. Perhaps you feel stagnant spiritually and want to understand and experience Biblical worship as more than an emotional pep-rally. Or it could be that you simply want real togetherness with people like you, experiencing all of the ups and downs of modern life. Does this resonate with you?  Reach out — you are welcome here!





The Anglican Church originated in the ancient presence of Christianity in Great Britain. We thus have a rich theological heritage, robust enough to invite questions and to venture out of the shallows of moralistic therapeutic deism. What are the historic standards of orthodoxy (hint: the Creeds) and what are the uniquely Anglican correctives to the excesses of the Middle Ages (hint: the Thirty-nine Articles)? What does it mean to be reformed, catholic, and evangelical? Come along with us as we explore the great truths of the Christian faith in the beautiful context of Anglican tradition.





Biblical truth is the foundation of Christian life and ethics. Knowlegde of God’s truth demands that we integrate this truth into a life of love; for “knowledge puffs up, but love edifies.” The Church offers ancient practices and disciplines to form our souls over a lifetime; and such disciplines are not just for vocational monks, but are habits of prayer in which anyone can participate. Everything we do, from worship to work to leisure, shapes our affections so let’s learn to be intentional about life, together.




Belong.   Believe.  Become.

The adventure and joy of a richer life in Christ awaits for those who will heartily pursue it.


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