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Some information on the fees that are charged:

Most of the commonly used charitable donation platforms make their money by charging a percentage of the gift amount.  For larger donations, this can be fairly significant.  The RebelGive platform uses a subscription model that is independent of the gift amount.  The fees below, therefore, are not from RebelGive, but are the fees that are charged to RebelGive.  These fees are automatically added on to your donation so that the Church receives the amount that you enter, but you are charged the fees on top of that amount.


  • Gifts made using a credit card will incur a 1.94% fee. (you pay $101.94 if you make a $100 gift)
  • Gifts made using your bank account and routing numbers (e-Checks) incur a flat fee of $.25. (you pay $100.25 if you make a gift of $100)

Needless to say, we recommend using bank account and routing numbers if you have that available.

Please remember that the greatest gift you can make is the gift of yourself.

May you find great joy in Christ as you offer up yourselves to Him as living sacrifices.

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