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    Sermon, 2nd Sunday after Easter, Good Shepherd Sunday, 2024

    Christ Jesus is both our Good Shepherd, leading us through the Valley of the Shadow of Death in this life, and The Lamb of God who takest away the sins of the world. He is set before us as an example of godliness and righteousness in conduct, but also of a love that sacrifices for others. We therefore are called as His followers to be obedient and sacrificial in our lives. We too are to be sheep, obediently following our shepherd, and Shepherd, laying our lives down for others. Propers    Manuscript

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    Feast of the Ascension, 2024

    Join us to celebrate the Ascension of Christ on May 9, 40 days after Easter.  The Ascension is one of the primary feasts of the church and is also the Patronal Feast Day for our parish for when Christ ascends into the heavens, He then sits down at the right hand of God the Father upon His throne from which He rules the earth through His people the Church.  We will meet at 7pm for the service of Holy Communion. May 9, 7 pm.

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    Sermon, Palm Sunday, 2024

    In the Epistle lesson for Palm Sunday from Philippians 2, we are instructed to have the mind of Christ, and more specifically that we would follow the example of humility set by Christ through His Passion and service to God and to us humans.  Yet our American culture fights against the formation of godly humility in us, and unfortunately, too many churches do not provide the tools to form us in such godliness.  We must be discerning.  We must be students of the scripture.  We must seeks the old paths found in the Church that are healthful for us.  And then we must endeavor to follow Christ in humble ministry.…

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    Sermon, 5th Sunday in Lent, Passion Sunday, 2024

    What is the Atonement?  How have many people through history mischaracterized the Atonement wrought for us by Jesus Christ?  In the Atonement, Christ marries, His Bride, the Church, and from the cross He looked down upon His people in love, knowing that all the pain and suffering He endured would bring wholeness to all who would have faith in Him and would redeem Creation to an even greater glory that it originally had.  May we stay at the foot of the cross, always in His loving gaze.  And may our eyes be firmly fixed upon the Man, upon the God, who saves us and lives in us. Propers      Manuscript

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    Sermon, 4th Sunday in Lent, 2024

    In today’s Gospel, we read of the feeding of the 5000.  This miracle shows us of the abundance that we have in Christ.  How does this abundance translate into the lives of the faithful?  Is this a health and wealth gospel or is there something deeper here? Propers      Manuscript

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    Sermon, Third Sunday in Lent, 2024

    Many Christians try to live in two worlds.  We like the things of the world, holding on to habitual sins and things in this world that do not lead us into godliness.  But we also attend church and might read our Bibles now and then.  We want Jesus, but not enough to actually be too inconvenienced by Him.  Christ reminds us in St. Luke 11, that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  And St. Paul reminds us that if we really are children of the light, then we should walk as children of the light.  Let us not be half-in and half-out.  May be we all-in for following Jesus.…

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    Sermon, First Sunday in Lent, 2024

    Christ endured the fasting and temptation in the wilderness out of love for us.  He endured torture and death out of love for us.  He rose and ascended to heaven where He sits at the right hand of God interceding in love for us.  But yet He also knew that the joy to be had when humanity and God are once again united in the world to come was worth all of the agony that He endured.  In our lives, we are blessed with sublime moments that allow us to glimpse God, that allow us a foreshadowing of that blessed joy that will one day be ours in its entirety. …

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    Homily, the Feast of St. Stephen, 2023

    St. Stephen, as the first Christian martyr, shows all the followers of God what godly dedication should be.  First, he is not afraid to speak the truth boldly, and yet he does not do so out of malice or hate for those who are murdering him.  St. Stephen, with his dying breathe, follows the example of Christ by praying for His persecutors even as they killed him.  And yet one of these persecutors would become St. Paul by whom the gospel was spread throughout the Roman Empire.  The Church, the Body of Christ, grows through our suffering.  Let us therefore welcome the suffering that God brings to us.  May we…

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    Homily, Christmas Day, 2023

    This Homily was read from the Christmas homily by R. U. Smith found on Lectionary Central.  In it we are encouraged to put aside the Christmas sentimentality that characterizes the secular celebrations of the season, and instead to truly celebrate Christmas as the spiritual holy day that it is. Propers    Manuscript

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    Homily, Christmas Eve, 2023

    To unbelievers, the Incarnation is foolishness. Unfortunately to believers, the Incarnation is often taken for granted. We are too comfortable with the story of Christmas. It would serve us well to spend a few moments considering just how impossible the Christmas story is, for then we might be all the more grateful for God’s love for us. God in Christ, did the impossible. He entered into our human sufferings. For with God, all things are possible. Propers    Manuscript

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