Summer 2024 is Underway at CTK!

Time to post some photos of parish life at Christ the King!

  • When Mr. Miller, our resident social director, is around, we will often gather down at the beach for a Friday night bonfire.  Here are a few photos from our get together on June 21.
  • This is followed by a couple photos or our potluck after church on Sunday, June 23.
  • For the Feast of St. Peter (June 29), we had Holy Communion at 2:00 pm and then headed down to the beach for a bonfire.  It was overcast that day, so no one braved the ocean, but we had lots of great food and BBQ!

June 21 Beach Bonfire


June 23 Potluck after Sunday Worship


Celebrating St. Peter’s Day (June 29) at the Beach


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